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How To Block Lost Mobile Phone Using IMEI Number in India.

Your mobile IMEI can be found by pressing *#06#, always keep a note of your mobile’s IMEI number in a notebook or at some safe place, so that you can use it in case the mobile is lost.

When ever a mobile phone is switched off and on, the  SIM card sends some internal information to the mobile network operator such as mobile IMEI number, mobile model number, mobile version and other technical details.
So if you have lost yourmobile phone you can contact your network provider to block your IMEI number.
First go to Police and get a FIR copy and then call customer service and tell to block your IMEI number.

All the network providers in India use a shared hosting service for blocking IMEI numbers, So if you tell to one network, all other networks will block that IMEI number automatically.


  1. Dear Sir ,

    Pl help .

    Sub.: Lose of cell no. 09617234411, IMEI 358641044455474.


    It is to inform you that I have lost my cell no. 09617234411,Model Nokia C2-02 C. Black, IMEI 358641044455474.

    In case if it found then kindly inform me.



  2. hi sir...
    i lost my mobile HTC DESIRE C
    EMEI NO:352276051203271
    my mobile no:9000084148

    plzzzz help meee....

    1. If you have installed any tracking apps on your mobile then you can get it back by tracking it through its GPS location
      but if you haven't done so you have no other way
      You can only block your mobile IMEI by contacting your operator.

    2. There is no provision with mobile operators in INDIA that they can block the IMIE number and make the handset useless .This is what i have been explicitly told . ( IDEA Operator) . I had a blackberry which is stolen , and even the Blackberry Customer care cant help on this . Even if you logged FIR , the phone can only be tracked , but not blacked . I am aware and seen on sites that there is a process in which the IMIE number can be backlisted in the Equipment identity register , but that doesn't suppose to be followed in INDIA at all !!! Really Disappointed !Any help/guidance would be appreciated ! thanks .

    3. I am agree with you similar message was conveyed to me in Vodafone customer care. This is really frustrating and giving people to sell stolen mobile in market.

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  4. I was Lost my Nokia Lumia 710 (Black) Phone and I was also submitted a application in police station, but when I was asked to my service provider to block that IMEI they deny my request whereas I was attached a copy of Application from police station with my mail.
    I am pasting complete mail here below -

    From: <>
    Date: Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 7:29 PM
    Subject: Re: VERY URGENT - REQUEST FOR TRACE & BLOCK IMEI NUMBER OF MY STOLEN PHONE [MOBILE NO. - 9811783297] [|BAL|Qrc115021315025214002094|]


    Ref: Email dated 15-02-2013, requesting for tracing the handset for your airtel mobile number 9811783297.

    We thank you for writing to airtel and the opportunity to assist you.

    We request you to log a complaint (FIR) at any of the nearest Police station (Copy of complaint would be forwarded to SSP office for sign office and then to Police Headquarters who will further submit the request at airtel) to initiate further action.

    Further, we request you to contact the handset service provider to assist you better in this regard.

    We hope that we have been able to address your concern suitably.

    Please do write in for any further assistance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Customer Care
    Bharti Airtel Limited
    My airtel app - your world of airtel on the go. The easiest way to manage your mobile, broadband & digital TV accounts from anywhere. Download free, click charges apply)

    Click here to provide feedback

    Your response will help us to enhance your experience with Airtel. Please click on the link below & provide us your valuable feedback on this interaction 6 4 E E769B&refno=Qrc115021315025214002094

    ---------Original Message----------
    Sent: 15/02/2013 03:38:27 PM
    Subject: VERY URGENT - Request for Trace & Block IMEI Number of my Stolen Phone [Mobile No. - 9811783297]

    Dear Airtel Team,

    As my phone was stolen at 13/02/2013, so I need to trace my phone through its
    IMEI no. and if it is not possible to trace it Please block this IMEI. I am
    attaching a copy of Police FIR and Original Bill of Mobile herewith this mail
    for confirmation.
    Below are some details about phone -
    Nokia Lumia 710 (Black)
    IMEI No. - 359300041107732
    I have already reissue my Duplicate SIM card.

    Kindly Block above IMEI number urgently.
    Thanks & Regards
    Pankaj Agarwal
    Mob: +91 9811783297

  5. dear sir

    pls my fone stolen block my imei nbr 352479048011084

    thanks so much my emial

  6. Dear sir,
    My phone stolen so please block my handset
    imei no- 359828041240921
    Samsung Galaxy y duos

    Mail id :

    Thanks & Regards

  7. my mobile is lose block imei 352384056314448.

  8. Nice Blog, thanks for shareing the valuable information

  9. hello can u help i lost my phone and i dont know how to can u help ME TO LOCATE HER IS MY EMEI:355601049835917 and 2 is EMEI:355601049835925.can reply me as soon in my facebook-juvelynmendez.........thanks

  10. i 4got to say my mobile phone is CKK S1 yellow color juvelyn mendez

  11. friend lost my mobile plz block my mobile imi 01270300-518465-5

  12. Thank you. Your blog was very helpful and efficient For Me,Thanks for Sharing the information.

  13. IMEI galaxy y please help me to block ,, i lost it today,, i want to block this ASAP

    1. have u installed any security software in your android device?

  14. dear sir,
    ilost my samsung glaxy y so pls block it.
    imei num:352384056981311
    ct num :9003931346

  15. Phone model:Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (White )
    Last used No.:986134522
    Missed date:8th Sep,2013IMEI No.:352989052246400

    please help me locate my mobile

  16. dear sir
    am loss of my phone samsung galaxy young duos s6102 {block}
    IMEI; 352272/05/398670/8
    Battery S/N ;TH1C60155/4-B
    plz inform me sir kindly request
    my ph no 9030059596.9849059596
    emai id ;

  17. dear sir
    am loss of my phone samsung galaxy 3 in soudi
    IME ; 358018053811246

    plz kindly reort , my email id ;,

  18. Hello. I lost my phone two days ago. I tried calling my service provider for blocking the IMEI number, but they say they cannot do it. The only thing they can do is block the sim!!! how do i register the IMEI number as stolen?

  19. dear sir
    I am loss of my phone nokia C 6
    IMEI NO : 355398045448353
    plz kindly report my id :

  20. My experience on blocking my stolen mobile using IMEI number.
    I logged a complaint and approached,
    1.Network operators- Cannot block
    2.Manufactured company(Sony)- Cannot block

    I dunno how police will me.

  21. dear LG team, really sorry that i am assosiate with you. Unfortunately purchase on LG G7 dual on last month and the same got stolen on 2nd Nov'13. I called you at least 4 times but your customer executives are so great that they are not ready to support - even one of them simply disconnect the line. You are really a great and good company who entertain customer like good !!!! Surely that's my advice to all customer to think twice before going to LG. My contact number is 9911915573 and IMEI 355765054079370

  22. dear sir , i lost my phone GALAXY S DUOS S7562 , my IMEI : 356638054956197 , please block this mobile , thanks in advace

  23. Dear Friend
    I have lost my mobile phone imei no. 352417056640469. Please help to block this mobile phone and let me know to mail id or please suggest me how to block the mobile please help me in regards
    Warm Regards to one all .

  24. Respected sir,

    I lost my mobile phone is IMEI 352272054251276 Please block this phone

    Thanking you

    Kumara Halli

  25. 9916328666 my phone is lost due to three days its IMEI Number is 352272054251276 please block this number sir

  26. i, have lost my mobile bearing IMEI no.359763041690934 modal no.c1-01 nokia on 28/02/2014 at market. there fore i want to lock the same mobile because i have kept some important data in it, so the theft cant open to it.

  27. My mobile was pickpocket yesterday. So I want to block the mobile (Micromax X78) by IMEI no.s. 911139150653180 & 911139150653198. Please help me as soon as possible.

    With Regards

    Chandan Shome

  28. Does anyone know how to block IMEI number? if you can do it, i dont mind giving you 100$. but i would need proof where i can check it online when the IMEI number is entered. Seriously 100$ regards

    1. 250$ per IMEI
      No Bargain.

  29. Hi

    Today somebody stolen my mobile kindly help me

    IMEI No. 357361/05/341451/7

    Email :

  30. Dear sir,
    I lost my HTC - t329w mobile
    IMEI No : 357037050369751 / 9769
    ct num :9500953059
    If somebody help me to get this mobile its very thankful and appreciable. or else please block it. thanks i hope someone will help me thanks

  31. I have lost my mobile the details of which are as under:-
    Samsung Grand -9082 E. White
    My contact e-mail is

  32. Can you tell me if IMEI number is blocked, can it be tracked by police?

  33. Can you tell me if IMEI number is blocked, can it be tracked by police?
    reply to

  34. Thanks For Sharing the Information

    For more info : Check Imei Number

  35. hello all,
    I lost my mobile phone is IMEI 911353553237208 Please block this phone. in that mobile i used this number 9886211642.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. hello all,
    I lost my mobile phone is IMEI 911353553237208 Please block this phone. in that mobile i used this number 9886211642.


  37. I lost my mobile last friday 30-1-215 my IMEI Number is 352742064863591 please block this number sir

  38. I lost my mobile last friday 30-1-2015 my IMEI Number is 352742064863591 please block this number email id is

  39. My mobile theft ,myIMEI number is 359292050316298 .Please block this number

  40. dear sir kindly do the needful I lost my mobile last friday 03-4-2015
    my IMEI Number is 3541060638377 please block this email id is


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  43. dear sir kindly do the needful I lost my mobile
    my IMEI Number is 911405801136176 / IMEI NO.911405801222026 please block this number MODE:LAVA(IRIS FUEL - 50) .my email id is


  44. Thank you. I just wanted to know where to ship it since I know now to keep producing it

    Htc Mob


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